Ben10 Alien X Master Of The Universe

Play as Ben 10 and fight with the alien enemies that stand in your way, collect omnitrix to recharge your super powers. The instructions are in the game info.

Ben 10 Alien Force The City Fall Down

Play as Heatblast and try to pass all the obstacles that get in your way before the city is fallen down. Play with the Arrow Keys, use the Up Arrow Key to jump the obstacles, and the other Arrow Keys to move your character.

Ben 10 Adventureride

Play with Ben 10 and pass all the levels and score as much as you can with your motorbike. Use your Arrow Keys to control your motorbike.

Drive the motorcycle with ben 10 and collect as much points as you can while trying not to fall out of the motorcycle! Use the Arrow keys to control and drive your motorcycle.
Choose your character and shoot your enemies by flying your machine. Use the Mouse to control your flight and click the Left Mouse Key to shoot the enemies.
Make cool moves with Ben 10 and his BMX Bike, make points by making more moves with the bike and recieve new upgrades. Use the Arrow Keys to control the Bike and use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to make special moves with your bike and collect points.
Drive the scooter with Ben 10 and collect all the omnitrix by trying not to explode the scooter. Use the WASD Keys or the Arrow Keys to control your scooter.
Play as Ben 10 and kill al the mafia enemies while you are driving. Use the Arrow Keys to control the car and use your Mouse to aim and shoot the enemies.
Go into a shooting adventure with Ben 10 and eliminate all your enemies and receive all kinds of bonuses! To Move Jump and Sit your character use your Arrow Keys or use WASD Keys, to shoot use the Space Key.
Help Ben 10 to defeat the enemies by using your shooting skills, the more you kill the more prizes you will get like new weapons. Use your Mouse to aim and shoot the enemies, and use your 1, 2, 3, 4 Keys on your Keyboard to change weapons.