Ben 10 Chase Down

Drive with Ben 10 in your car and chase down the enemies, also shoot them while you drive and avoid car crashes. Use the Arrow Keys to control your car and press the Space Bar to shoot the enemies.

Ben10 Bigchill Rescure

Fly as Bigchill and try to collect the right amount of watches to complete the level while avoiding to crash into the obstacles. Use the Arrow Key’s to control your movement, and use the space bar too shoot the obstacles.

Ben 10 Bazooka

Play as Ben 10 and try to destroy as much Heatblasters as you can with your powerful bazooka. Aim your target by moving your Mouse, click on the Left Mouse Key to shoot , hold the Left Mouse Key to get a more powerful shot.

Ben 10 And The Alien Balls

Try to shoot the matching alien balls and pass the level as fast as you can because the clock is ticking. Use your Mouse to aim the target.

Ben 10 Alien Car Racing

Drive with your Ben 10 Alien Car and try to shoot down all the enemies while avoiding to crash into another car. Use your Mouse to control your car, click on your Left Mouse Button to shoot the enemies, click on your car to change into another alien.

Ben 10 Airstrike

Play as a pilot with Ben 10 and defeat the aliens that attack you. Use the Mouse to control the aircraft, click Left Mouse to Fire, press Space bar to release bombs, ue key 1,2 and 3 to use ammunition.

Choose your character and shoot your enemies by flying your machine. Use the Mouse to control your flight and click the Left Mouse Key to shoot the enemies.
Play as Ben 10 and kill al the mafia enemies while you are driving. Use the Arrow Keys to control the car and use your Mouse to aim and shoot the enemies.
Go into a shooting adventure with Ben 10 and eliminate all your enemies and receive all kinds of bonuses! To Move Jump and Sit your character use your Arrow Keys or use WASD Keys, to shoot use the Space Key.